Special Education

Special education services are available to all students who qualify as individuals with exceptional needs. To be considered for special education services, a student is identified by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team including the student’s teacher, parents, and the school site administrator.

Resource Specialist Program (RSP)

Students who experience learning difficulties in one or more subject areas (as measured by formal assessments and identified in their IEP’s) are part of the Resource Specialist Program (RSP). These students attend general education classes or RSP classes (as indicated in their IEP’s) and are taught by credentialed special education teachers in the identified subject area. There are RSP programs at all Inglewood schools.

Special Day Class (SDC)

Students who are Learning Handicapped or have other handicapping conditions are taught in Special Day Class (SDC) and can be mainstreamed into general education as specified by their IEP. There are SDC classes at all Inglewood schools. (Learning Handicapped students are those who function two or more grade-level years below their actual ability as measured by formal assessments and identified in their IEP’s.)

Adaptive Physical Therapy Services

Therapy services are available district-wide, both one-on-one and in small groups, for students with fine motor disabilities and/or sensory motor integration deficits.

Psychologist/Counseling Services

Designated Instructional Services (DIS) Counseling is provided to students at school sites by psychologists and outside agencies.

High School Transition Program- In 2005, IUSD initiated support services for special education students seeking post-high school employment or training by public agencies and private sector employers. A job developer and transition specialist help to place special education students in appropriate job positions. Additionally, vocational education classes are now available to special education students at Inglewood, Morningside, and Hillcrest High Schools.

Speech / Language Therapy Services

Language and speech pathologist services are available through an LA County Office of Education (LACOE) provider to all students (in general education or special education) who are diagnosed with speech and/or language delays.
Adaptive Physical Education – One-on-one adaptive physical education (PE) is available district-wide to help identified students develop gross motor muscles used for activities such as bouncing a ball or jumping rope.